Terri & Jeff
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Terri's Residency Graduation       In the Yerba Buena Gardens       Aren't they great       Jeff's cool Porsche


Their Galapagos Island Trip

Jeff and a lizard.     Look at those blue feet!     More of the Blue footed Boobie.    Terri & Jeff on a beautiful overlook.

Another great shot.   Terri walking amoung the seals.   A little lizard.       Terri & Jeff posing with the red footed boobie.    

The cute little seal.    More red footed boobie's.    The big salt water lizard.    Terri and a big turtle.

Another lizard.   Cool falcon.

   Big turtle cruisin through the grass.   Big turtles just chillin.   Mom and child seals.   Jeff and seals.  


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